AquaMaster Inverter / Water-to-water and Ground-to-water Master Therm heat pump

    AquaMaster Inverter

    Continuous power output regulation for your thermal comfort

    The AquaMasterInverterground-water (water-water) heat pump of the inverter type with extremely high heating or cooling efficiency. The compressor with frequency converter adjusts its output to the current heat demand of the building and because of this the heating system does not require a storage tank.

    A combination of the inverter technology, electronic expansion valve and equithermal control system, newly supplemented with the possibility of on-line compensation of the heating curve temperature delivers exceptionally high COP (Coefficient of Performance) factors in all operational modes, significant savings in operating costs, reduced burden on the compressor, thus extending its service life while increasing its reliability. The top features of the AquaMaster Inverter heat pump have won the Grand Prix For Arch 2008 award. The product is the holder of a European quality label for heat pumps according to the methodology of the European Association of heat pumps - EHPA quality label.

    Download complete pricelist [PDF]
    • Continuous regulation of the heating/cooling power output in the range of approximately 30-100%
    • High efficiency
    • Operational reliability
    • Reverse operation - cooling (must be ordered)
    • Stainless exchangers
    • Sanyo scroll compressor installed in an anti-vibration manner
    • Equitherm regulation
    • Two circulation pumps included in the price
    • Optional higher output water temperature (up to 60°C)
    • Environmentally friendly coolant R407c

    EEV technology

    After the scroll compressor, Electronic expansion valve is the biggest invention. It increases it's effectiveness (COP), reliability and longer lifetime.

    Online control

    All Master Therm heat pumps are able to connect to the Internet (without IP needed). Every client can watch and control his heat pump via web interface, mobile or tablet device.

    Extremely long warranty thanks to the high quality

    Units connected to the Internet are nonstop watched by service department. Thanks to this, we are able to provide long warranties.