AquaMaster / Water-to-water and Ground-to-water Master Therm heat pump


    Excellent price/power ratio for you

    Upgraded version of the very successful ground-water (water-water) system, particularly suitable for applications with the ground collector. The performance range is graded over a wide range from about 7 to 64 kW, which covers a wide spectrum of applications. The AquaMasterheat pump operates with high efficiency and extreme reliability.

    With the output water temperature up to 60°C it is also suitable for renovation of older residential houses. The unit can be retrofitted with a desuperheater to achieve high efficiency and higher temperature of the DHW supply system. Another advantage is the exceptionally low noise compressor, mounted on an anti-vibration frame, the unit can be safely placed anywhere without being bothered by noise. The AquaMaster unit is a proven product offering quality components, modern technology and controls, a wide basic and additional equipment and above all an excellent price-performance ratio.

    Download complete pricelist [PDF]
    • High efficiency
    • Operational reliability
    • Reverse operation - cooling (must be ordered)
    • Stainless exchangers
    • Sanyo scroll compressor installed in an anti-vibration manner
    • Equitherm regulation
    • Water-water design (evaporator of the coax type included in the price)
    • Two integrated circulation pumps included in the price
    • Optional higher output water temperature (up to 65°C)
    • Environmentally friendly coolant R407c

    EEV technology

    After the scroll compressor, Electronic expansion valve is the biggest invention. It increases it's effectiveness (COP), reliability and longer lifetime.

    Online control

    All Master Therm heat pumps are able to connect to the Internet (without IP needed). Every client can watch and control his heat pump via web interface, mobile or tablet device.

    Extremely long warranty thanks to the high quality

    Units connected to the Internet are nonstop watched by service department. Thanks to this, we are able to provide long warranties.