AquaMaster Inverter Combi / Water-to-water Master Therm heat pump

    AquaMaster Inverter Combi

    Hi-Tech interior compact pump with an inverter compressor

    The AquaMasterInverter Combi ground-water (water-water) heat pump with integrated DHW stainless stell storage tank 180 l, solar heat exchanger and inverter compressor. Modulated heating power is optimally controlled for heating or cooling the building, and also for DHW supply for the entire household.

    The latest technology combined with modern BLDC compressor, variable speed of the primary and secondary circulation pump and a unique control system represent the highest attainable level of technology and guarantee highly efficient, quiet and reliable operation. Passive cooling module (optional) allows the direct use of the cooling effect of the ground (free cooling), without any energy consumption. Due to the construction of the "all in one" type unit the complexity of the wiring and mechanical installation is significantly reduced only to the basic connection of the unit.

    Download complete pricelist [PDF]

    EEV technology

    After the scroll compressor, Electronic expansion valve is the biggest invention. It increases it's effectiveness (COP), reliability and longer lifetime.

    Online control

    All Master Therm heat pumps are able to connect to the Internet (without IP needed). Every client can watch and control his heat pump via web interface, mobile or tablet device.

    Extremely long warranty thanks to the high quality

    Units connected to the Internet are nonstop watched by service department. Thanks to this, we are able to provide long warranties.